Living As If Silence is Golden

13 Jan


I’ve spent the last two weeks reflecting on what brings me happiness and how to align my actions and words.   One thing I noticed quickly is that I talk A LOT; it’s hard work to try to match all those words with actions!  There has always been something attractive about people who speak few words;  when they speak, it’s profound.  I covet their calm, wise, self-disciplined ways.   I’m ready to challenge the little voice in my head that’s always whispering, ‘your way is better, prove it’.

In thinking about what makes me happy, I’ve realized that to achieve some life dreams, I have got to focus on listening and leading through actions and not just words.  I’m ready to challenge myself to value silence as much as feeling heard and understood. It’s time to pull Silence out of storage, dust it off and reveal the 24 K gold that’s been covered by insecurity and fear.

First step, awareness.

1) Post a note on my work phone and computer: 2 ears/1 mouth

2) Stop in the moment before I decided to write a long email at work and understand what my motivation is.  I get wrapped up in crafting emails with the intention of being totally understood with one email.  There is so much else I could be doing with that valuable energy.

3) Set time aside every day to be still and listen to myself and make room for receiving God.  I always find clarity, calmness and wisdom inside me when I consistently make space.

4) Don’t multitask.  I’m the queen of multitasking.  I really want to see how being present and in the moment with one thing at a time impacts my ability to be less reactive and be a better listener.

This insight has led me to create an edit of The Golden Rule I’ll use from now on.

“Listen to Others as You Want Them to Listen to You”

Because that’s what you can do when you blog…make up new edits of Philosophical works from Confucius and religion.  :)

Short and simple today; how apropos.


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2 Responses to “Living As If Silence is Golden”

  1. jim4570 April 6, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

    Silence might be golden, but too much is creepy…

    • Amandicott April 12, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

      The people have spoken! Now I can resume posting!

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